My Brother, My Inspiration

You've touched my life in so many ways,

I only wish I could've told you that each and every day.

You've been there for me in thick and thin,

You've teased me and beat me up,

But I'd give anything to go back to then.

You also made me laugh,

And held out your hand when I needed to cry,

You taught me how to be strong,

Or how to show my pain.

There's a pain in my heart,

That nothing will ever heal,

But knowing you were happy your last years,

Makes me grateful, but sad.


I never expected to lose you,

At such a young age.

You were an inspiration in my life,

And always will be.


It's gonna be hard to go on,

But knowing you're above,

Helps me get through each day,

And hopefully you'll make it easier for me.


I love you Mike,

And will never forget,

All our joys and sadnesses together.

I will never forget you,

And I'll love you forever.


Good-bye Mike,

And I'll see you soon.

Knowing you're watching us from above.

Makes all of our Love for you true.

Good-bye Michael Shamus Anthony Monaghan.


I Love You.

Your baby Sis,


February 19. 1998