In Loving Memory of Michael S. Monaghan

A Complete Life, If Not A Life Completed


Michael Shamus Monaghan came into life a short four minutes be
fore his brother, Kevin and, sadly, left us too soon. Twenty-one years is a brief span to make your mark. Michael, with a purity of purpose and a determination to grow, achieved a complete life if not a life completed. His passing has not left us empty but rather full - full of memories that contain a message for us all: We gain from life in relation to our commitment to life. Michael's commitment was absolute and his rewards many.

Throughout his childhood, Michael was like all children. He was a unique gift from God with a personality and talents not fully revealed. God, family, friends, music, sports, and later, girls and cars were the influences which made Michael the man. The passage from youth to manhood was not without difficulties -- challenges, really. These he overcame and he chose to enlist in the U.S. Navy. This then was his path to discovery.

Service to our country in the military is an honorable choice for those who realize they require an education other than academic. For Michael, the opportunities which the U.S. Navy presented were an opening to a new world. Michael never turned away an opportunity to expand his world. As a crew chief on a search and rescue helicopter, a rescue swimmer and an airframe maintenance specialist, Michael excelled. But Michael reached beyond his military duties in his search for growth and knowledge. While stationed in California, He attended college classes and was well on his way to a degree. He received a California EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) license - recognized in 48 states. In his off-duty time he was taking flying lessons; his love for flying carried him beyond his military occupation.

Upon the recommendation of those officers with whom he flew, Michael was urged to apply to the U.S. Naval Academy. His application was on his commanders desk when Michael made his last flight. The Navy lost a potential leader; those who knew him lost an invaluable friend, hero, an inspiration.

A scholarship fund has been set up in Michael's name. Any donations would be deeply appreciated and are tax deductible. All donations can be sent to the following address:

The Michael S. Monaghan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Archbishop Wood High School
655 York Road
Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974-2099
Phone: (215)672-5050

In his spirit of striving to achieve, to learn, to grow, we dedicate these scholarships that those who follow may share Michael's joy of discovery. Whatever paths the recipients of the Michael S. Monaghan Scholarship pursue, Michael will provide an example of what can be achieved by those who do not allow the fear of failure to cloud the hope of success.

A Complete Life, If Not A Life Completed

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