Bill Monaghan Presents Irish Songs and Stories - March 4th!

Celtic Pride at Shady Brook Farms - March 16th!

The Michael S. Monaghan Scholarship Concert is on April 20th!

For more details on all concerts and information on donating to the scholarship, check out the the Events page HERE.

Celebrate Ireland with Original Music from Celtic Pride

Year Without St Patty's Day

Ode to James Bryant

About Monaghan Music

Philadelphia area composer, performer, music minister, band leader, and instructor, Bill Monaghan is an invited presenter at convocations, missions, retreats, workshops, 5-year-old birthday parties…and more!

Monaghan Music, LLC (founded 2004) brings the original music of Bill Monaghan to the world as well as provides a full spectrum of musical services. Bill’s original music exists in many forms, spanning audio, sheet music, concept albums, film scores, musical plays, ballets, world music, worship music, and more.

Monaghan Music services include:

  • Solo & Band Performances
  • Worship Music
  • Sacramental and Class Retreats
  • Educational Presentations
  • Scholarship Benefit Concerts
  • Apprenticeships
  • Internships
  • Music Instrument Lessons
  • Music Scoring & Transposing
  • Commissioned Compositions

Monaghan Music brings professionalism and the top-quality music, customized to suit any type of event. From filling the dance floor to flooding worship experiences with the Holy Spirit, Monaghan Music delivers high energy and a positive atmosphere to every occasion!

Mission Statement

The ultimate mission of Monaghan Music, LLC, is to bring, through music and the arts, messages of hope, love, friendship and the promise of a good future to as many people as possible. Through collaboration, teaching, performance, and technology, Monaghan Music, LLC, strives to make a difference in this world in a positive way.

Created 2004
Reviewed and approved, 2018
Refined August 4, 2020